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Incoming Fleece



*Offer valid for yarn orders only. 

Please use the order form provided when shipping your fleece.

There will be a minimum charge on any order less than 10 lbs. This applies to roving or yarn.

Please understand that the final weight should be something less due to processing and condition of received product. Cost will also be adjusted when other services are requested. See pricing table

Deposit: A deposit of $50.00 is required before processing will begin. See “Payment” below on this page.

Incoming Fleece/Blanket: 

1. Check that all fleece has a minimum staple length of 3″ & incoming minimum of 10 lbs. Please note that  fleece must come as a complete blanket, see photo on the right

2. Skirting fleece is NOT included in the price of the processing

3. We will include 30 minutes of cleaning in the processing

4. We will evaluate all fleece’s at the time of receiving and give them a rating:

1. Very clean no further work needed

2. Moderately clean minor further cleaning needed (included in process)

3. Moderately dirty (vm present) may require further cleaning. *

4. Very dirty (heavy VM) will only clean after customer agrees to charges.*

5. We DO NOT Process Seconds. Seconds received will be returned at owners expense

6.     Please Note: Any fiber or fleece arriving with excessive hay, straw, or vm (vegetation material or seconds will be returned to sender at senders expense.

*There will be a $25.00 per hour charge for cleaning.

Suri: We welcome Suri but require a minimum blend of 25% with another fiber such as Huacaya or wool. We will run a test sample to determine the total blend requirements. We do offer & stock choices for blending at a moderate cost. Prices are located on the “Keeping it Simple” page.


We will invoice at the time we finish the complete order (unless otherwise notified) Shipping will be held until payment is received. Shipping via UPS ground.

Any order not paid for in 90 days will become the property of The Ark’s Mill


There are several ways to send your payment.

1. Go to our web site and select “Pay Invoice” under the “Service” menu item. Complete the form with your invoice number and click "Pay Now" to proceed to PayPal and complete your payment.


2. Call us with a credit card # or enter the information on the web site CC payment


3. Mail us a check.


Updated December 30, 2019